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Actually, it's "je suis heureux"; "I am happy". You can't have happiness, at least in French. You can also say "J'ai beaucoup de bonheur dans ma vie"; "I have loads of happiness in my life", but it's usually in the past tense "J'ai eu beaucoup de bonheur..."; "I had loads of happiness..." And yeah, that's it for French class, now.


Being hungry is not an emotion. You can't say "J'ai de la tristesse"; "I have sadness" or any other emotions. Unless you're speaking lolcats. #187, yeah, I'm living in the province of Quebec x')


Regnard.. you rock :P moi aussi je vis là.. mais c'est toujours drôle de voir des Anglophones essayer de parler Français :P and OP : Je porte une ceinture.

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What are you talking about #23? He was just talking about how OP's siuation sucks. Way to look like a douche by trying to squeeze what you think is a profound quote in totally the wrong context.

Dude, you shoulda whispered in your teachers ear. "Je ne peux pas me lever Monsieur. J'ai un erection." A+ for oral. As long as u speak the language, the teachers happy. Not as happy as you are but happy still xD

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