By Anonymous - / Friday 17 April 2015 20:43 / United Kingdom - London
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Flipping the board only ruins everyone else's fun and makes you look like a sore loser, plus everyone gets mad. Op should've told his wife they could play as a team. That way neither is bored while the game is played for hours.

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I dont think throwing a tantrum and flipping the game like some others are suggesting is a wise move for a grown ass man but damn, you cant just let her treat you like that. . . but since you bent over and took it, I gotta say ydi a little . . sad but true. . .


You're right. What could have OP done though, without making it a big deal or throwing tantrums, especially with the family being there? I think if I was in his place I would've said: "well I'll see you in court then". Then I would have just leave the room with a drink in my hand and pretended I'm having a good time even if I'm not playing.

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