By anonymous / Saturday 14 January 2012 11:42 / Australia
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  Waffl3z  |  8

What better way to spend quailty time with the bros than to be naked in the comfort of your back yard, rolling dice and avoiding jail. I see no reason for a FML.

  Michael_92  |  19

Never said they couldnt be gay now did I? I know a few people that are, their choice not mine. I am saying though that the OP is playing monopoly naked with other men 1 that is kinda gay and 2 that's as bad as him being naked with a bunch of girls or the gf being naked playing games with guys. See to me its wrong and idc if he was with guys or girls.

By  misssasy11  |  0

Well that must've been a hairy situation!

By  jackrileymac  |  4

I'm guessing your from Australia..

By  onorexveritas  |  23

well then...they're just having fun in the way they feel comfortable

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