By Anonymous - / Sunday 23 August 2009 11:00 / Norway
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No, he doesn't sound like an ass. He sounds like a friend who invited her to stare at the stars with him. For some reason the OP thought he was already for her? She assumed, and she was wrong. I highly doubt the dude left her there and went home, that would be pretty rude and I wouldn't try to continue to get in a relationship with him lol. I understand you like him a lot.. But that doesn't mean he likes you the same way. :/

  americayay  |  0

I'm disagreeing that he's that much of an ass, because what he did isn't that big of a deal. OP: And then what? Your dog died? You saw your dad making out with someone not your mom? The wrong cat got taken to put down? I'm just looking for the bad in the story. Change your clothes, don't lay in wet grass again and forget about the guy.

  isodufff  |  0

LKJASDFLKJ STOP IT. STOP RUINING FMLS SERIOUSLY. i hate this!!! people just post their fmls. and then someone comments, either trying to support them, or be funny then some ONE ALWAYS HAS TO RUIN IT. STOPTPTOPTOTOTOPPPP!!!!

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  justmeagirl  |  0

It's just that the aholes are manipulative and give you enough mixed messages so you feel enmeshed in the whole thing. The abuse-kindness cycle seems inherrent to most guys. Think socially acceptable Stockholm Syndrome.

By  adartse  |  0

What you get for being stupid, I guess its a guy thing to be able to tell if a girl like you or not, because I haven't seen any girl with this trait

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