By StinkyFrogHunter - / Sunday 7 May 2017 00:26 / Canada - Toronto
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By  Staygoldenmarky  |  14

Ok, as an avid user of UberEats, I have to say that the only time orders are cancelled are when the restaurant doesn't accept it within a certain time frame, or if an Uber driver doesn't accept it. My vast knowledge of the app makes me wonder on how much of this FML is true.

By  Regulate  |  20

I would be so mad. I live in a small city with barely any takeaways that deliver in the first place. So if the food I ordered was then snaffled by the delivery guy/girl, damn! On a side note I envy all of you that can resist takeaway 100% of the time. I wish I was stronger.

By  jfsiv  |  10

yeah, I think UBER has safeguards built into this. If it's listed as cancelled it's because either the restaurant or driver refused it, not because the driver ate it.

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