By nick - / Thursday 28 January 2010 05:00 / United States
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By  Sekococo  |  0

OP you have completed fml conquest of find the sercret to immortal sex with you story. Milf,Dilf and now Gilf will lead these commentors to the truth that vegeta could not wish for on dragon ballz when he was on namek when he punk bitch him self from immortalilty...If you are reading this you should of stop at GILF but no you had to keep on reading Geez i said stop reading!....stop :D R.I.P dgv and luck10 from falling in a previous comment trap. T.T ...Hey stop reading . XD

  sourgirl101  |  21

Awww Grandpa still wants to get laid. Grandmom playing hard to get? Poor guy knowing you went through his personal notes. My Grandparents don't even know how to turn a computer on.

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