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What i'd like to know is how he got pictures of me showering without me knowing. :/
By Tashie01 / Sunday 29 April 2012 10:10 / Australia
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  courtz94  |  24

Agreed #1

  wannaplay  |  1

Did you find a video of you doing those things? It makes a great movie.


17 The roommate was one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. Not because of the plot or anything, but it was because the movie was so utterly boring and terrible that it made the 1 and a half hour movie feel like 6 O_O.

  honne_tatemae  |  9

I would actually phone the police OP.

  nava1210  |  12

Shouldn't be looking through someone else's stuff anyway....

  DogsPaw  |  16

104- She was... If you're going through your roommates stuff you technically are going through there things.

  nick315  |  8

Or doing something wrong........next time lock the doors if you can. Or don't be rude and invite him to take a shower or sleep with you. That seems like all he wants.

  shoopd  |  19

68 - That's even better...

  OkitaCockroach  |  19


... Sorry.

  Cappiej  |  18

100- Learn to speak English please

By  Dante17  |  6

Stalker O.O...

  BunBunBabe  |  8

Yes!!!! Great comment

  funnyman227  |  0

OMG ur a transformer!

  isis_morrigan  |  18

57-thanks for pointing that out! The rest of us are so mindless and stupid that we would have never figured that out for ourselves!!!

By  airforce987  |  20

How are they considered your roommate if you don't share the same room?


  KVKdragon  |  26

They could have adjacent dorm rooms with different roommates. For my dorm building, there's one suite with two sides (there's more than one suite per floor). In between, there's a shared bathroom and on each side there's one common study area and two dorm rooms as well (2 people per dorm). It could be the same for the OP for all we know. Technically speaking, I have one roommate and 5 suitemates (my suitemate living on my side of the bathroom doesn't have a roommate in his dorm room but I do in my dorm room).

  NoisyNykkii  |  10

:this: is just like the dreaded hashtag.
#stop doing it.

You don't need to add something special to your writing to make it look 'cooler' everyone gets thumbed and buried at some point.

  murdersquirrel  |  15

120 - Why are you killing the funny? Why?

  airforce987  |  20

120 that is where you are wrong. :this: tells people which meme is in use, otherwise, the wrong message might be interpreted. For example, :conspiracykeanu: might have fit for my comment as well. For hashtags, however, I don't need to see #YOLO to understand that someone is a fucking idiot douchebag who thinks "swag" will get them through life. I didn't put it to look cool, I did it for clarification.

By  sincerelyjay  |  13

Roommate has a bit of an obsession, eh? I wonder how the roommate tried explaining them self when op brought the pictures up to him. "Uh, you are just... So photogenic!"

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