By Kay - / Tuesday 23 February 2010 20:36 / United Kingdom
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  FMLenV  |  0

Am I the only one that is getting annoyed with all of these "I just hit puberty blahblahblah unfortunately, I'm a girl." fmls? EDIT: Weird, I didn't hit reply to number 1, but it posted there anyways. =/

  MissRachieee  |  3

it's okay! everybody goes thro puberty and everybody gets chest hair!! just like with arm pit hair, everyone gets it; no matter the gender. :) waxing is good for it, so is shaving. (:

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

#87, I have never heard of adolescent females getting chest hair before. I didn't and neither did any of my friends - but maybe I just didn't stare hard enough. OP, get rid of it!

  jizwiz  |  3

Love how the OP tells the story... she was just mindin her own biz feeling herself up then she looked down at her massive breats and.. bam! Howd that pube get all the way up there!? Oh wait... howd that penis..... lolz :)

By  ily1210  |  10

LMAO, who cares? making a big deal S:

  Hexefrau  |  5

That is a myth, actually. Hair does not come back "twice as strong" if you shave it. That's an old wives' tale, and generally perpetuated now by people who are ignorant of grooming standards.

  Hexefrau  |  5

#56- Again, not true. The way the strands are cut with a razor, particularly a multi-blade razor (at an angle, rather than blunt) only lend the appearance that the hair grows in faster or thicker. That statement is like saying that the hair and nails actually grow post-mortem (after death). Hair regrowth depends on the individual. I've known women that can shave their legs, arms, whatever and be smooth for 2-3 days, or women like me who can have slight stubble at the end of 24 hours. Of course, the hair on my head also grows slightly faster than the average person's hair, so it's a trade off.

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