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That's not really gross, silly people. Girls are genetically programmed to have more hair than boys. Would you rather she shave and have a prickly belly? I doubt it.

You guys don't get this post at all. Clearly, the man is a hairless freak of nature and the small amount of hair on his girlfriend's abdomen makes him feel the acknowledgment is "FML worthy." I'm sorry freaky hairless man! You deserve a cookie!


nice deep south. stupid anti spam protection wouldn't let post, otherwise I would be first


did you just congradulate someone for saying " first"? and so, society plunges deeper into the never ending abyss


hey if she's got more hair then you check if she has a penis if you havnt already. if something pokes you GTFO lmao


maybe it's just in her genes! it's not like she was a guy cuz it depends on the ethnicity and the parents genes just cuz she has some hair on her stomach doesn't mean she's a weirdo it's genetic guys grow up!


You say that, yet if someone posted "Today, I realized that I have more hair on my abdomen than my boyfriend", how many YDI's would she get?


hahaha so true #5. but really having a hairy beer belly is not attractive so the only reason you could complain is because your girlfriend is a man.


I'm sure she's equally depressed about this. She probably has enough stress about it.

So true!!! I'd, personally, have to give that an "I agree, your life sucks" though. Oops: Supposed to be a reply to #5.

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