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  Dante167  |  0

Yea...Im questioning which position they would have to have been in, Im thinking maybe she was on top facing him but still for him to miss that badly he must have terrible aim.

  Enzane12  |  0

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  ryguy997  |  0

Sorry but I think this is fake. why does anti flood let in one word things but not one sentence? نينييبنبنبنبنتبنبتبنببنفنفمقميمقنقمقمينينقنقنبنقتتوبو ينبننينينبنبنبنبنبنقحقحقحيتتjsjsjsjsjsihevenkedoxyvebekhsvwndogsvwkxycwkdgwckdgevdgjsisbwgsowjwbwuej

  Wildbluesun  |  2

I FIGURED IT OUT. Girl NOT on top, Jesus Christ my boyfriend is like the clumsiest thing on Earth (I have been spanked EVERYWHERE) and not even he can do that. THEY WERE STANDING UP. Guy against the wall, holding his girl by the hips, etc, he goes to smack her, aims a little low, POW, auto-ball-hit.

  ninjacapo  |  2

maybe he was fucking a real flexable girl and she was bent around. maybe hes got really long arms. however its possible tht sucks. probubly ruined the moment


Haha. This same exact thing happened when I was riding my boyfriend.. I told him to smack my ass. And he ended up smacking his nuts instead.. Lemme tell you.. Instant boner kill for him. Lol

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