By ballbreath - / Wednesday 16 July 2014 15:44 / United States - Rancho Cucamonga
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By  Asher_X  |  15

Hue. I love that word. Hue. Hue. Mhmm yeahh. Oh yeah, FYL OP.

  Asher_X  |  15

Uhhh all I put in my comment was "Hue" I go to shower and come back to find it changed...

  Asher_X  |  15

I'm being serious though :(

By  pwnman  |  33

Seems like a disgusting situation.

By  BrettB321  |  15

Maybe if you shower alittle more then your dog wouldnt have to clean you

  zandalee  |  19

My dogs tongue not only always managers to lick my mouth, she sometimes actually gets some of it in my mouth. Very gross. And that sucker is enormous!

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