By RetailScapegoat - / Saturday 16 September 2017 20:00 /
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  bkwusa  |  9

If you work 'at will' and are fired 'for cause' you don't get unemployment insurance. If you are fired without cause you do. As such it's quite important to establish if it was his fault or not.

By  RichardPencil  |  24

He fucked up and opened the door for you to crush him in a wrongful termination lawsuit.

The so-called “at-will” work states lets bosses fire workers without cause.


Today, I was given my yearly evaluation as a cake decorator at Walmart. They said I "was easily the best decorator there" and "the bakery has definitely improved since I got there." In the same conversation they put "unsatisfactory" on my evaluation and denied my raise. FML

By ruthlessrobin / Wednesday 25 February 2015 06:31 / United States - Pittsburg
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