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Dammit girl, thats the mans job, you just sit back and wait for someone to approach you. Thankyou for your time.


actually, you just know that he wasn't getting drunk at that time. Of course, he could have already been drunk, or could be getting drunk later, or it could just be his turn to DD and next weekend he'll be so fucked up he won't know his own name.

By  Rupus

I'm sorry, how has your life been screwed over? This is not a FML, this is a "Oh, something that's not really interesting happened to me today, I just thought I'd share it with you guys for no reason" kind of story.


I personally didn't find it funny, but i am sure someone probably got a small chuckle. So that makes it worth it. FMLs are supposed to be humorous, not terrifying stories.


Indeed, anyone worthwhile would applaud your brilliance for just plunging headlong into the situation knowing full well that it's just water.

How is this an FML? You got what you wanted.. Plus all the more reason to start up a conversation.

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