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  skroal  |  29

YDI for being at a swim meet when all the swimmers screamed about a wasp being on your head, then you telling them to calm down so they wouldn't upset the wasp, then unfortunately getting hit in the head repeatedly with a clipboard by another coach.

  glen12  |  29

"oh no I got hit over the head by a clipboard trying to kill a wasp that may sting me dozens of times on my skull!" man the fuck up, could b alot worse. and wouldn't u feel it land on yr head?

  FmyLinNY  |  15

Wow, you're an idiot. That's like saying, "Run onto the field in the middle of a football game." Plus, coaches are fully clothed and probably have a cellphone, timer, or some other electronic equipment on them. Not to mention that would be completely unnecessary anyway, the wasp would've probably flown away in a few seconds.

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