By ravenskater / Monday 4 April 2011 02:47 /
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Why insult him? He's just saying you have an uggo for a baby!


This is why eldery people shouldn't be allowed to mingle with everyone else unchecked, they do stupid shit like this and think they can do anything they want like slap young women's asses.


128 he could not be potty trained. I turned 18 and I just got potty trained last year. now I'm in my big boy huggies diaper and my mom watches me when I use the bathroom so I can show her I can do it

By  siba  |  0

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A more eloquent version might be, "says the poster child for abortions". Oooooor "you projectin' upon us folks your shit feelings over your shit childhood and shit life because you are a piece of shit".

  MissBunny25  |  0

well actually, he wouldn't have left considering the comment take 1-2 seconds to say. his mind would still be processing it. therefore, shut the fuck up, people. it's a pointless argument.

  heathersmorin  |  0

What way to come back, "tard." Tardbunny. Just shut the fuck up! The only reason why you think it's not funny is because you should have stayed in your mothers ovaries and are the poster child for abortions. Ok? Stop while your ahead!

  MissBunny25  |  0

194, would be referring to me? I believe my name is MissBunny25. way to steal someone else's comeback there, bitch. as for my original comment, it was very stupid. however, i refuse to let trollolololing cuntweasels such as yourself spew shit out of their mouths to me. as for abortions, I wish your mother had gotten one.
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