By anon - / Saturday 5 December 2015 00:32 / United States
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  Ichiya  |  29

Or go extreme. Stop wearing clothes, showering, cooking, and going to work. When she gets concerned scream Hakuna Matata mother fucker.

By  joeyl2008  |  29

That is a smart way to live

By  Kermy1113  |  23

Technically Hakuna Mutata is a "problem free philosophy" so she's using it wrong cause she's bout to make some problems.

By  idk_rose  |  25

Most adorable FML ever

By  RickySleeves  |  20


By  91hayek  |  31

Get her father to project his image on clouds in the night sky and then blare his voice telling her to stop messing about and listen to her parents.

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