By Anonymous / Tuesday 11 November 2014 18:56 / United States - Dekalb
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By  spatula232  |  25

That's when you turn around and walk away...

  vcruzM14  |  8

No.. You ask for an explanation

  katieemerr  |  15

I disagree #1

OP doesn't state anything about the dads health, anything could be wrong with him and even though it's not pleasant I think it's their duty to make sure he's okay and help if needs be..


#36 is right, you can't just leave him there without drawing some penises on his face. But seriously though, if you truly care about someone you don't leave them unconscious by the toilet.

By  jjjoey4  |  15

I understand, going to the bathroom when you're drunk is tough and takes it out of you!


Actually, #12 had the right idea. OP did say 'my bathroom.' Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I shared the bathroom with someone I would have said, "our bathroom" or "the bathroom."

By  ulissey_fml  |  22

When you drink so much you can't do the maths anymore, you can just do the mat.

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