Today, I walked into my apartment and smelled something extremely repugnant. I asked my roommate what had happened and she said, "I didn't know how else to kill it!" She'd trapped a bat that was in our apartment, put it in the oven, and set it to 400 degrees. FML

By BakedBat - / Friday 21 February 2014 04:10 / United States - Minneapolis
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  kirasant  |  19

Seriously, what an awful thing. Your roommate is a monster. I hope you show her these replies, sounds like this moron has no ability to think past her own dumb ass reaction to an animal being in the house. How disgusting.

  Freethaawave  |  19

Oh, god, this FML just makes me think of Single White Female when the roommate kills their puppy :'(

  buttcramp  |  21

I would have left and called animal control or the local police or something. why did the oven get turned on? obviously it was trapped and that's safe enough.. its even dark in there so the bat probably would have been somewhat comfortable waiting in there for the proper authorities to arrive.

  ptoka  |  15

115 I don't think you read carefully. The roommate trapped the bat and baked it intentionally. Why someone would bake a bat is beyond me though, what a horrific way to go.

  buttcramp  |  21

you're right.. I just figured the roommate meant she wanted the bat out of there. I'm all for killing a bug that comes in my house but if its a rat or animal (thank god it has never happened to me) I'd call a professional.

  metalcrazed  |  21

Bats carry rabies.

  sadsociety101  |  3

It was a kitten.

  erck3800  |  12

I got bit by a bat a few years ago, they're actually the #1 carrier of rabies, they recommend that if you wake up and find a bat in your room you should catch it, kill it, and freeze it so it can be tested... that was a cruel way of doing it though

  Razi_tail  |  25

Only if actually bitten and after animal control is called can it be killed. The AC officer has to be the one to kill it. It is super illegal to kill a bat. They are a major carrier of rabies, but that doesn't mean every bat is infected with it.

  Rooters24  |  8

Nothing deserves to die like that... I mean like bats are practicaly hamsters with wings... would you do that to a little defenseless hamster? Just because a form of life is in another form doesnt mean it is any different than us. Animals build houses, communicate, and are alot similar to us. I mean, like, its okay to swat a fly here and there, but baking a fucking bat? jesus.


That's terrible! There was a blight not that long ago that severely reduced the number of bats there are and bats are very important to the environment because they eat a lot of mosquitoes. It was also inhumane.


Maybe the roommate didn't have anything to cook for dinner and wanted to try something new.

  thesinginguy  |  18

Honestly, I'm pretty sure that at that point setting it on fire would have been more humane than shoving it in an oven, at least death by fire would be quicker than death by being baked by a psycho.

  yellowaholic  |  25

Well if you think about it a lot of animals are killed cruely, such as lobster, we boil them alive which is equally terrible in my opinion. I feel bad for any animal that had a slow painful death because of human kind.

By  sleepingangel  |  10

Back away slowly op ... She just killed batman in his disguise

  threer  |  30

Or Man-Bat.

By  Blink182Rachel  |  7

Oh, that sucks! your roommate is kind of an idiot! haha this post is just great though!

  smokecloud_  |  37

No. There is absolutely nothing great about this post. I can find humor in almost everything in life that most people would be horrified by. This FML just makes me sad.

By  unfortunatek  |  2

This is the funniest thing I've read this week.

  leary96  |  15

I think he could be referring to the other comments. What OPs roommate did was awful but these responses are awesome.

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