By Anonymous - / Tuesday 19 January 2010 01:56 / United States
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By  jair_lhao  |  0

cool I was number 1 that was unexpected lol

  containsnosoy  |  0

Damn, it's not your day. Not only did you not mention anything about the FML in the rush to be #1, but you're actually #4. Better luck next time!

By  The_Great_Zucchi  |  14

So, how did you know they were talking about you? It sucks when people call you ugly but it sucks even more when you're the kind of person who thinks that everything that happens in your vicinity is aimed at you. Then you're just feeling sorry for yourself. Believe it or not, looks aren't that important. Being happy and showing it to the people around you makes you a lot more attractive than looking hot and bitching all the time.

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