By wah wah "you raised him" - / Tuesday 22 April 2014 18:59 / United States - San Francisco
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  ohcheriecherie  |  20

OP should teach him to huff paint

  KJBanx  |  7

Think about it this way... Someone has tried smoking pretty much every substance in an attempt to get high... How else would the rest of us know which substances actually do work?

By  flashback.miss  |  28

glass didn't the ink didn't leak all over him before you found him doing that? glass didn't crack? hopefully it wasn't a expensive pen. get him help.

By  Beansforbill  |  14

That seems pretty creative. Did it work?

  oddities  |  20

#6, and then there are people who already do stupid things. For their own safety (and ours too), we should never let them near drugs. Unless we're trying to make a viral YouTube video.

By  junkman6  |  22

"Kids these day." You have the internet and you still don't know the basics of getting high? SMDH.

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