By therewasnocurtain / Monday 6 April 2015 20:07 / United States - Lewiston
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"When I am old I shall wear purple". Or in this man's case; "masturbate and not give a damn who's watching".

By  reyelisaia  |  15


  Raxy_fml  |  18

Well I don't think it's so bad. He was an elderly man, let him have this one. It might be his last go.

By  lazyslumber  |  18

Might be your grand pa is sexy when he is ill.

  lazyslumber  |  18

My bad, I meant for the roomate not for everyone.

By  QQMorePlox  |  18

He's in the hospital, he could die soon, he's gotta get it done!

By  nikkyham011  |  7

I don't even know how to respond to that.

By  sstahpp  |  33

I just came here to read the comments..

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