By idiot says pussy - / Tuesday 21 January 2014 17:43 / United States
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  Sports_guy3  |  28

Guess you fucked the wrong pussy ;).


All these pussy jokes. Ya'll need Jesus.

  Dthsapprntc  |  23

Jesus, the new wonder drug from ACME Medicine. It cures any illness and makes your life better. It even turnes water to wine.
Side effects include, but are not limites to, arrogance, ignorance, intolerance, hatered, holier than thou attitude, and a tendency to tell others that they need Jesus. ACME Medicine not liable for any bloodshed done while under the influence of Jesus.

Yes, I'm well aware that I am going to Hell.

  dachayke  |  16

Yes, quite a few protestants can be Jesus jerks at times, but there are also quite a few depressed, emo, atheists who shove their opinion in everyone's face and insult God and anyone who believes in him.

By  Adhdkid107  |  9

Someone's pussy doesn't like that.....

By  ruckfules85  |  34

Hes like "hell yeah. You ain't doing to this pussy what you do to that pussy."

By  CaptMurdock  |  25

Well looks like you might not be getting any friendly pussy any time soon.

By  parism143  |  28

I don't think her pussy was satisfied with your actions!

  israelnotjacob  |  20

I normally hate that joke because it's so overused, but I think this time its a legitimate argument. I even am a cat person, but a cat hissing at me could hardly ruin a sexual experience.

By  StompinOnCrayons  |  15

Don't expect both the pussies bro

By  perdix  |  29

If you want to dominate one pussy in a household, you have to dominate them all!

  perdix  |  29

#24, do you mean you don't like the puns, or that you'd prefer to be pussy-whipped?


not necessarily bestiality. ..its just showing animals who's boss...he didn't say fuck the cat, just stand up to him/her. you cant let an animal dominate you.. thats where poorly behaved animals come from.

By  uoeno_fml  |  20

Doesn't matter had sex.
Her pussy didn't respond well!

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