By trolls have hit the gutters - / Tuesday 17 February 2015 18:23 / United Kingdom - Durham
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By  MissyPastaCreeps  |  16

He's a jerk.Don't listen to him op.

  StantheMan93  |  12

My take on this was that the homeless man saw OP with trashy clothes. The homeless man can't do anything about him being dirty and gross therefore he gets mad that OP chooses to look that way.

By  gracehi  |  31

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  randomguy76  |  14

Most likely was, according to the man OP was dealing with, being homeless is not an excuse for looking raggedy. He is obviously an upper-crust homeless man. They have a social ladder too.

By  laurenswims13  |  24

What's up with homeless men and tier rude comments? He's probably just going through a rough time OP, don't take it to personally. I'm sure you look amazing

  buckstop1  |  37

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm confusing your comment with the intention of saying that all homeless men are that way, but it comes across that way. Sorry for any confusion.

  _kyleG_  |  34

Self-respect, sure. Everyone has their inherent human dignity. But a right to insult someone else just because they're going though a rough time? No.

  Vestin  |  18

#6 If you like logic, on the other hand, most comments here are examples of the tu quoque fallacy. To quote Wikipedia: "although the person being attacked might indeed be acting inconsistently or hypocritically, such behavior does not invalidate the position presented". In other words - hobo may have a point.

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