By MakesMeLol - / Wednesday 18 January 2012 22:30 / Ireland
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By  NoroHopar323  |  0

Wow that sucks

  CareFace  |  16

Or send it to me for personal use? :D

  yahoowizard  |  16

So YouTube it is! They really seem to have lowered their standards for the content filtered (copyright and mature content), so as 10 says, only SOPA stands in your way

By  Victoria16_fml  |  0

Haha that funny but not sucks for you

  markrs  |  0

Are you insinuating incest!? Why! I'd never!

By  crazyperson3  |  0

And what does this say about the parenting?

  tator1029  |  0

Not always about the parenting. Some kids just rebel. My parents raised me wonderfully and I still rebelled. Hell, I moved out when I was 16. But the parenting does not always control the kids actions. That's all on the kid. If they want to make stupid choices, they will.

  robinhood007  |  9

Hahaha kids may rebel but its up to the parents to handle it and take control of the actions of the children. Being nice and a pushover doesnt mean they did a good job. You need to be forcefull at times and really teach your kids what should be expected of them, not just wait until their naked on the news.

  Daftendirekt1  |  0

Dramatic? Her daughter was drunk and naked on the local news... Imagine how many friends and family saw it. Understanding how someone feels doesn't make it dramatic. Just saying...

  GaleHawthorne  |  0

You seem like an Ass at my school. He kept running his mouth, but when he got in a fight, he quit after he got punched once.
Moral of the Story: Smart asses get nowhere.

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