By gumless / Wednesday 2 May 2012 15:19 / United States
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By  CyberPunkTink  |  0

*facepalm* was it Clorox bleach?????


Do you remember like 7 years ago when they had those strips of tape with toothpaste on them so you could brush your teeth on the go? That had to be the most stupid thing our society has came up with. It looked like you were rubbing your teeth with a condom.

  katcot99  |  11


  Mommyof2_91  |  10

I use Listerine plus whitening mouthwash, you use it as a pre rinse (brush your teeth afterwards.) It works and so far I haven't heard any complaints about it.

  Mommyof2_91  |  10

Yea it does taste bad, but it beats having your gums burning. Once I brush my teeth it doesn't bother me so I find it worth it. Especially since a lot of whitening strips I have tried have the same flavor, and they sit in your mouth longer. So I think they are a lot worse in my opinion.

  Pigeon89  |  34

Lucy-lue- hope you aren't being serious- teeth are held in by the periodontal ligament (aka gums) attaching to the alveolar bone. If the teeth are "imbedded" into the skull you've got serious issues (ankylosis) and should probably get that sorted

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