By purplexangel - / Thursday 2 August 2012 17:32 / United States - Lubbock
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By  TzHaar_Joh_Zuhai  |  4

Bad boy! Bad boy! You don't simply train yourself you need together a dog


Like the dog trains the human to not jump


Like human trains dogs so in this case the dog trains the human

By  7lovepink  |  3

Lol why are you standing by your toaster so much

By  capper44  |  18

U didn't just do that op! U deserve it for jumping on the pop out :p

By  briancallahan  |  3

Haha anxiety attacks?

  RaggleFrock  |  13

People today are scared of everything. One person jumps once over a toaster pop up and it's spread like wildfire. It's toast, expect it to pop the fuck up in 2 minutes, if you can't count or put a radio on buy a dualit toaster because they don't pop up they have a count down timer and you pop it yourself.

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