By Anonymous - / Friday 15 February 2013 04:30 / United States
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By  navik23  |  6

Wow she's a keeper...


A cracker is a term from slavery, for white people cracking a whip. So why would he use it?

By  babyblueyes  |  27

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By  Demonfish  |  14

What is that agonised sound? Is it the mating call of a howler monkey? Nope, just the death throes of my faith in humanity.....

  Baustigt  |  40

Well, you're welcome to go join another species if you consider yourself too good for this one. If 1950s Batman comics are any indication, falling in a vat of chemical waste will cure you of your humanity.

  Demonfish  |  14

No, I would not wish to alter my genetics. I would however rather like to stay as far away from large populations of my species as possible.

By  UsagiArwen  |  23

First try to make sure she understands. But if she doesn't, kick her to the curb and move on with your life. In my opinion, no one should be using the n-word, no matter what color skin you have. For her to do that, is completely disrespectful.

By  mega20913  |  8

there's no situation in which this would be acceptable..even if she was trying to be funny, the awkwardness that I'm sure followed her saying it would outweigh any humor that she thought would come from it

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