By moonstone15 - / Saturday 6 August 2011 00:24 / United States
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  The_Weirdo  |  10

Op, what are you worried about? If my Gf's family complemented me like that I would have it made. Unfortunately to them, I am a piece of shit from the bowls of hell.

By  njgohard  |  16

It's opposite day, ladies and gents!

By  lopez1222  |  3

Id would just go along with it.. Act like your whole family has turretts.


tourrhets you tard... maybe you should crack open a dr. seuss book instead of 'getting swoll' and working on your 'washboard abs' :)

  shovels  |  0

Triple tard, it's spelt like this: torrents

  maz255  |  10

so then after my mother stopped beating me with the iron, she moved on and grabbed her comb (since mommy doesnt like her hair being messed up while she er-"handles" me) she straightened her hair then threw it at me at which point my nuts were in full view...it was a tough rest of the day...

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