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That sucks, but you could've died if you didn't open your mouth when...it came out. You would've suffocated on your own vomit. So, embarrassing funeral dodged, right?


My guess: #1 was originally a "first" comment, but was edited by the mods in a creatively funny way. *crosses fingers*


Umm, no, probably has a stomach bug. I got something similar when I was on holiday a few years ago and was throwing up everywhere, everything I ate or drank came back up and I was even throwing up water. Luckily I lasted long enough to go to a doctor that gave me some tablets that dissolved in water(I was about 10) and tasted vile. I lived on gatorade for 3 days after I got the tablets, and toast and rice was the only food I could keep down.


lucky...one time i was throwing up exactly once an hour, and throwing up nothing is worse than throwing up something cause you just keep heaving.


The OP deserved this because she's complaining when she could be in a worse situation like dying? Then you would pity her? What's wrong with your common sense?

ouch that sucks I had that happen to me when I was five the only thing I did differently is I fell back asleep to this day the smell of tacos still disgusts me haha

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