By JustRidingMyBike / Wednesday 4 January 2017 17:11 /
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By  dempan  |  13

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By  Salvanoi  |  23

Your comment makes it sound like people should come to the job and just work and not read a book, eat, chat...etc. All these can be done during the break time which is probably when the muslim workers are performing their prayers. Nothing wrong with that.

By  Bloodknight  |  22

Lol I'm surprised the comments on this isn't closed yet. They always seem to close them up for anything potentially "controversial," lol. Anyways OP, don't sweat it too much. Apologize, offer to replace them, and move on.

By  stupidpplsuck  |  33

This is a sucky situation all around, but I have to admit I said YDI because you are in a superior position and should have taken the time and effort to learn about the team you would work with/ be in charge of, it's not like it's a secret that Muslims need to pray often at specific times. Plus I find it doubtful that it was just cardboard you threw away. If it was, I'm sorry and that's probably a pretty easy fix. It was a mistake but an avoidable mistake if you had been more one top of it.

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