By Anonymous - / Monday 17 December 2012 00:58 / United States
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this pun can only be used on the first comment. I hate seeing the same shitty pun used over and over again in every stream of comments.

By  perdix  |  29

So, essentially, he crushed your colon and forced the gas out?

  HelenLFC  |  27

:O Perdix was voted down ? Now I know the world's gonna end.

By  OldMemoriesFade  |  8

Everybody farts, if he thinks less of you because of it, he's shallow.

  cloud175  |  6

If I was the guy, I wouldn't have minded. Because it's true, everybody farts. She'd probably blush afterward, then I'd giggle a bit. She'd smile, and I'd console her. But how? Would I let her know it's perfectly normal, or just keep my mouth shut about it and make small talk? Would talking about it make it awkward? Or would being forward about it completely negate all potential awkwardness?

....I suddenly want to marry this girl.

  grafeety  |  9

37: let's be honest, everything that shouldn't be done in public, is way more satisfying in public. I tried to think of an awesome example, all I came up with was sex. Wait that is awesome.

Edit: I stand by my comment. But I feel pedophilish now that I looked at your display picture.

By  nukeacat  |  9

What a stinky situation!

By  Rogersmoonshine  |  7

If you're lucky and he's a good genetic matchup for you, he'll have thought your odorous fumes smelled Amazing!


Not talking about pheromones. Does nobody remember the fml when the girl walked into her boyfriends apartment behind him, smelled something delicious, and asked what he was cooking? He told her he farted.

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