By Elcam - / Wednesday 16 October 2013 08:22 / Belgium
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Maybe his children are a touchy subject, like something has happened or almost happened to one of them before, and OP wasn't aware. It's no reason to report someone or hold a grudge, but I could understand lashing out in those circumstances.


He overreacted and in a very strange way. However, I can understand being annoyed when a co-worker messes with your things. I had a coworker who went on the managers computer and put MLP as their background. They were fired for touching other people's computers, which was against policy.


I'd take them, but theft is illegal. And as good jokes become more scarce and higher in demand, I can't afford the jail sentence. Do you know what happens to beautiful men like me in prison?!

Usually, people's senses of humor reach their limit when you express a desire to cannibalize their children, even if it's only symbolic. You need to take a class in comedy for ordinary people. You get free sunglasses just for signing up.

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