By KyngJulian / Tuesday 23 April 2013 02:48 / United States
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  fml0505  |  19

Haha.. that sir, was brilliant.

  DustyStorm  |  16

Kinda hard to make Jack Daniels ice cubes but if you figure out how please let me know! Considering liquor doesn't freeze I just don't know how that's possible.... ?

  mbuck87  |  19

Haha is ice another name for meth where you are?

  mbuck87  |  19

Ok what I meant was 'is ice also the street name for meth where you are? Cos it is here, so these comments are funnier to me'

By  karlcolt45  |  18

all of your kitchen appliances sit you down in the kitchen. “phil you have a problem. you're killing the ice machine, we're not saying quit. but maybe use less ice"

By  perdix  |  29

Uh-oh, looks like you need to join a 12-step program. Step 1. Admit you have a problem. Step 2. Buy an industrial icemaker, like a Manitowoc, and continue to get wasted. Step 3. There is no step 3, nor steps 4 through 12. Cheers!

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