By anonymous / Thursday 5 April 2012 21:53 / United States - Atlanta
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  coldashell  |  23

Google does not know everything. Does it know the cure for cancer and aids. Didn't think so.

  ThisIsMyReign  |  4

There is a app for that OP. Haha. But that would be awesome to be able to google that. But, I have seen something about this before so, OP hope your not faking and coping what someone else said and turning it to a FML instead of a joke.

By  ZTD09  |  2

With all the information Google has on you, I bet if they got some of their scientists and psychologists behind it, they could probably tell you whats in your freezer.

By  Steelersman  |  9

that's just freezy.

By  woosah  |  16

Google the word moron.

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