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Or you could do what Peter Griffin does and blames the other person even if you two are the only people in the elevator.

Well, they're your parents! They would've seen a much more embarrassing side of you when you were little.. Be thankful it wasn't your hot neighbour or your girlfriend or something!


Lol.. I totally missed the gender part there! Well let me just save face and say.. Yes, I meant her to be a lesbian!

That's not too bad, I doubt your parents would seriously judge you for farting in your own apartment. Even if it was a truly epic one, in which case you should've laughed with them


First time i saw it I was wondering how they let such an obvious typo through. Then I looked through the rest and realized it wasn't a typo. took me a few minutes to get it.

By  saIty

Learn from this experience. Next time fart in the elevator and let an unexpecting victim take all the blame.

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