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  NeatNit  |  32

What I wanna know is, how could she refer to him as her boyfriend in a message to him, in a way that could be interpreted as someone else being her boyfriend? I just can't construct such a message in my head.

  lolbash  |  18

(Opens Imessage) Him: Hey whats up Her: oh nothing, just talking to the best boyfriend ever on imessage riight now Him: oh, didnt know you have a bf Her: (silently screaming)

By  born_hustla  |  24

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  zboot  |  8

I'd be oblivious too if I didn't have a girlfriend. "Seeing" someone doesn't make you boyfriend and girlfriend unless you're 10 years old. Labeling a relationship on your own without discussing it with the other person seems like a big warning sign. Unless she was joking, I don't foresee this going well.

By  08zw  |  17

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By  bad_boyfriend  |  10

Have you ever discussed it. Whenever I starts seeing someone, it is very clear when we become a couple. Why would you just assume a couple months hanging out makes him your boyfriend?

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