By kat - / Tuesday 21 February 2012 09:53 / Reserved
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  airforce987  |  20

What are you talking about? Robb Stark doesn't have Sims! He has a wench if he wants one! He's King in the North for the gods sakes! The Others take your Sims!

  airforce987  |  20

I pity those who have thumbed down my comment. You have obviously never experienced the epicness of George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" or more commonly known as "A Game of Thrones." The above picture is of a character in the series, of which I referenced in my comment.

By  pattipan  |  7

Why do people do that? Two people get together and form a couple all the time and most of them aren't supermodels or Donald Trumps. A lot of them are average or below-average looking folks who fell in love with each other's personalities. Geez, there's a lid for every pot.

  pattipan  |  7

I already apologized and in other posts I was bitched out for my posts being too long so I was trying to keep it short so everyone wouldn't be mad and snipe at me. There is no pleasing you people. If I spell it out I get TLDR; if I cut it short, my example isn't relevant. Here is the relevance, you fucking retard: DONALD TRUMP IS RICH. RICH PEOPLE HAVE NO PROBLEM FINDIING PARTNERS IN LIFE BECAUSE THEY ARE RICH. There, was that relevant or is it a TLDR?

  sadistmonkey  |  19

No you didn't. A sarcastic apology is not an apology. A couple of extra words would've made your post that much more clear, and I assure you, no one would've TLDR'd you. Yes I know rich people can easily find partners, but you mentioned specifically looks. Looks and wealth are two very different things. You mentioned one, not the other. Usage of all caps and adopting an angry tone doesn't change that. But I bet calling me a retard was such an ego boost for you.

  reddudeover  |  2

"most of them aren't supermodels or Donald trumps" What's not to get? Donald trump is internationally recognized for being one thing RICH, so the comment is clear.

  dillypop  |  0

I understood it perfectly, though I think the other person is a bit quick to call you an idiot. It's an understandable misunderstanding. I also don't think donald trump is ridiculously ugly or anything. He's just your average looking dude.

By  iloveweed69  |  7

Screw them haters~ ride that dickk girl~!

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