By twicethepersonioncewas - / Tuesday 18 October 2016 05:19 / United States - Merion Station
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  Dat_Class_Tho  |  26

Maybe the coworker had more job duties to begin with.

Or else OP has to take up the workload of the departed coworker AND pick up the slack from the people that took a few days off to grieve.

  Rabite  |  26

Well it's easy for the boss to put the blame on him then since he would be all about the money although his co-worker died.
It's a bad situation.

By  species4872  |  19

Why is it that seemingly everyone that posts an fml about their co worker gives the impression that there's always just the two of them?

By  heyLaddieHey  |  18

I'm sorry for your loss OP. But don't let your work exploit you! Set a time limit that you'll do the extra work, brush up your resume, and look for another job if they don't start the interviews.

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