By avoid the sour cream / Sunday 30 December 2013 06:14 / United States
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  ColdplaySucks  |  18

What a waste of water. I think the T.V. suggestion is better.

By  MisterMichael  |  9

Just try to fake cough a lot

By  pipipiyo  |  12

Agreeing with the water on, or just say you were vomiting haha

  dathan  |  14

Flow. Lol.

By  frustratedcelt  |  18

My motto is, if you can't hide it, decorate it.
Go all out, scream and groan and beg for divine intervention. Then just act totally normal when you next meet your colleagues.

  poccocurantes  |  7

Light a match. Courtesy flush. open a window. If all of these fail set the toilet paper on fire, flood the bathroom and climb out the window. Come through the front doors as the fire department arrives and ask what's going on.

By  Delta2Almanac  |  7

*Insert shitty joke line thread here.

By  1dvs_bstd  |  41

Tell them... the drinks is on me
the bitches, the hotel, the weed is all free
Get high, I mean so high
We see the whole street
We fly, I mean so high
We need a whole wing......

When they take the bait, it's your chance to totally annihilate the toilet!

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