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By all means everyone stop driving behind trucks so only the trucks are left. Trucks are only one of the many hazards one encounters whilst driving, to become a proficient driver one must deal with all the hazards. In many instances it is unavoidable not to be stuck behind a truck of some sort. Also he may not have been traveling too close to the truck and just unlucky. To try and swerve out of the way is not necessarily a good idea as the speed may make that a more dangerous option not to menti

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You should go back to the place where you got it fixed and tell them what happened.. Maybe they'll show a little sympathy and either replace it for free or give a discount?(:


It's a totally unrelated business, it's not their fault OP is just unlucky. I highly doubt they'd do it for free.

At least you're keeping the repair/replacement shop in business!! Sorry though OP, hope insurance covers it or the place you go to for repairs helps you out.

If it flew off the back of a truck the owner is responsible for the damage. Also, you were probably following to close. Back off.


I've got no clue why your comment is being disliked, It is the owner of the trucks fault for not having everything properly secured. I belive it's called wreckless endangerment or something along those lines and if it's a commercial truck the buisness that owns it needs to hold the driver accountable for it.

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