By ai_lauren - / Friday 19 December 2014 04:04 / United States - Bayonne
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By  underthesea12  |  24

Let's hope it wasn't a community college.


Today, five minutes before closing, a woman came in to buy over $300 worth of clothing from the sales rack. My manager and I had to ring it all up, de-sensor it, fold it, bag it, etc. After it was all rung up, her credit card was declined. FML

By IntoTheClouds - / Friday 23 May 2014 02:32 / United States - Burlington

Today, I competed in a bikini contest at work. According to the score sheets and the judges, I won the cash prize and an all-expenses paid trip to Vegas. However, I was shunted to second place, and the unattractive girl who sleeps with the company owner's socially awkward son was awarded my win. FML

By Bikinibabe - / Wednesday 7 June 2017 06:17 / United States - Weehawken
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