By Anonymous / Saturday 4 June 2011 20:42 / United States
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  L3Paparazzo  |  7

snuggies are awesome but would never be caught wearing 'em

  EmoGiana  |  0

8- I'm imagining OP is a guy, and that is why it is an FML.

  EmoGiana  |  0

22- Not exactly. A girl is a girl. A guy will hit on you if your wearing a lobster costume, they don't care. All girls still have a.... Never mind.

  jesse70781  |  2

hi u r really cute ;-)

  cmfh88  |  0

wow 97, think you're huge or somethin? feel the need for the tank top pic? haha lame...

p.s. sweet pickup technique let's see how that works out for ya

  RebelCandy  |  0

#30, I don't know if you can see who likes and dislikes you comment but I accidentally pushed thumbs up...stupid iPod, but I meant for it to be a thumbs down 'cuz the comment is stupid.

  steph87_fml  |  0

your clearly dumb!

By  rogerover  |  19

What the heck is a snuggie?

  mk58  |  31

It's an animal that you snuggle up to.

By  x_messyjessy_x  |  0

and what's wrong with that I do it all the time :)

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