By cali - / Wednesday 24 November 2010 06:08 / United States
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I hand write rough drafts sometimes, because that's how my schools taught me. I can usually write faster than I type, but I do type quickly. Before I even get to the rough draft I brainstorm and organize my ideas through outlines. Usually when I read an essay from a classmate I can tell that they just jumped into typing it because the paper is usually very unorganized and full of errors.


....you can brainstorm and type out an outline on a computer just as easily. Just saying. Disorganization is the fault of the writer, not the machine they use to put their ideas on the page.


freaking jerk! some people have irrational fears of things, they can't help it. keep your stupid and unwanted opinions to yourself, no one wants to hear them. op, I understand, I have a terrible fear of moths myself ): fyl

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