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ok this is NOT an fml ur just got married atleast ur husband isn't an ass u shouldn't be complaining about ur weight or his strength bcuz u married him for other reasons not his strength and he didn't marry u for ur weight this is toootally not an fml


Maybe you'd prefer a box under the bridge with a rat? To each their own. Some people prefer apartments & condos over houses- if they don't like the place in a few months for whatever reason, riding out a lease is way easier than selling a home-& if they like it, they can opt to buy it in their lease. Ah, what the hell- you probably never left the nest so none of this makes sense to you.


Wreckem I'm a nurse and make enough money for a house, but I wouldn't have time to manage it with all my crazy shifts. If you walked into my apartment- you wouldn't be using the word tragic. Your comment was snobby and pretentious. And OP- the real FML is that you got married.

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