By apologetic - / Monday 9 June 2014 14:27 / United States - Latonia
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  pjsr  |  30

I'm sorry, OP! Oops, sorry for apologizing - my bad! No, I'm sorry, it's actually not 'my bad', but still I'm sorry. Sorry about that!

  Respect101  |  17

Whoever down voted #27 is not very smart, in the customer service field, you could possibly lose your job if you don't apologize and fix a mistake whether it was your mistake or not. It may suck, but it's the rules.

  coried91  |  28

I'm like that now ever since my ex would get on my case about not saying it enough. Now I say it way too much but it's just out of habit. I can sympathize with OP if that's why she said it again even though that's what pissed the person off.

  kuzzy00  |  22

I feel OP's pain. Working at a call centre usually involves "empathy and ownership" What OP is doing is: 1) Empathising for the other colleagues mistake and the burden it had on the customer... 2) Owning the situation and making it his own... This is all very common practise. If he told the customer "my colleague is an idiot" the customer feels like the rep is white-knighting and arrogant. It also makes the rep's branding in a corporate environment dampened by not "behaving like a team"

  JJ_86  |  22

Some customers are such a bitch. But hey, fuck their life for having to vent off the anger to people whom they know won't talk back because of restraints.


Today, I got fired from my job at an age care facility because I was too nice to my residents. My boss told me "They're deaf, blind and about to jump head first into the grave. We don't pay you to be kind." FML

By sweet23 - / Sunday 18 August 2013 11:43 / Australia - Burleigh Heads

Today, I had a job interview that I was quite nervous about. During the interview, I struggled to get my words out and the interviewer angrily told me to, "Get on with it." I continued to struggle and was later kicked out for wasting their time. I have a stutter. FML

By abcdefghijkl1233 - / Tuesday 29 October 2013 13:23 / United Kingdom - Oldham
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