By Nakdnathan - / Wednesday 16 September 2009 16:19 / United States
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Managers that work in shitty places like that are either very very nice or professional assholes and those who are the professional assholes are just depressed that they arent going anywhere in life so they take it out on specific people to ease their anger and they pick favourites.. So don't worry i'm pretty sure in every restaurant and clothing store, basically any minimum wage job, there is gonna be an asshole manager who picks one person that they like to continually make their days an absolute living hell. I live this hell and i totally understand your situation. Get a new job, I know i am. They don't deserve you. :)

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Douche bag or not,it dun matter.A boss have to be professional.look there dude,i dont like U,i wanna report u to fml for saying douche bag.(just giving an example)u want that?anyway.the douche bag here is the boss.


i've tried it. I still think honesty is the best. You probably only know stupid people, which is why lying is worse =P. And I thought the same thing about the "honest" part. hahaha

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