By Aether / Tuesday 3 June 2014 22:51 / United States - Lake Jackson
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By  kidclarke  |  15

That's a shitty situation.

  Booda_Shun  |  28

"It's a bold strategy. Let's see if it plays out for him."


Well, if he tells a girl he takes really healthy sh**s, he'll probably get laid, just like the other FML tells about OP's friend...

By  DevilsMetsGiants  |  30

That must've been a real shitty conversation!

  badluckalex  |  23

you must be new to fml. or you are just trolling

By  LexiJ1  |  18


By  thelittlemissy  |  28

You should dump that person!

  kasmol  |  15

Nice to meet you guys. By the way, did you catch a whiff of that fresh dog turd by the newspaper machine? Makes me think of French toast with a hint of almond glaze.

By  MrBoredomioo  |  18

Good to know there's someone else out there like me! (just kidding BTW)

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