By so embarrassing / Tuesday 2 August 2016 06:27 / United States - Renton
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By  crudeandrudeguy  |  29

If crying and cleavage doesn't work on the cop what makes you think fainting will work on the judge? Lol

By  wanted_2_want  |  37

"... and tour Honor, to further explain why I don't deserve this ticket let me reenact the facts of the matter..."
...OP passes out... Judge: "you don't have to be so realistic.. But I see your point.

You needed to be arrested".

By  Baustigt  |  40

I've found going to court to be remarkably like dealing with the Central Bureaucracy from Futurama. It took me six weeks and seven hearings to get a restraining order extended, and one of those hearings was to tell me when the next hearing would be. I'm not surprised you passed out, really.

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