By the_pheasant66 / Saturday 26 June 2010 10:31 / Ireland
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  myworld99  |  0


By  flyboy5  |  0

strong sister wow but that sucks

  chelzy  |  0

I believe you mean holy randomly strung toggether obscenities that shit hurts!!!! my "friend" did that to my ear piercing. later I found out that she just hates punk studs.

By  ActionManly  |  11

Didn't you hear? Piercings aren't good for your Highbrow image (Eyebrow? Highbrow? You see what i did there?! Oh nevermind.)

By  LaDyBlOo  |  0

it's ok I has my nipple ring bit.....now that's an OUCH it hurt more than when I got then pierced

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