By Anonymous - / Monday 11 June 2012 20:30 / United States
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By  JohnnyBr4v0  |  3

Too many negative votes, comment buried. Show the comment

  mykalt18  |  2

Too many negative votes, comment buried. Show the comment

  Qandol  |  26

Am i the only who didn't understand what he is saying in this comment or everyone else feels the same?

  HairyPunisher  |  27

It's a tragic shame when you have the opportunity to be the first comment and waste the "miracle" on a comment that not only makes you sound like a lunatic weirdo but also makes no sense.

By  russfml  |  31

Well at least you look good in your new glasses lol


26-Yeah! I really like how you just restated exactly what was said before! I did not understand what was being said until you put it that way... Just in case you couldn't tell I am being sarcastic.

By  RobboXD  |  5

That's hot

  downtime  |  12

...What's with the trend of people repeating comments that came before them all of a sudden...?
Oh, I mean, does anyone else not understand comment #1?! At least they know they look good which is totally hot.


Hey #4, I read your profile cuz in also a huge hunger games fan. I know that the K x P was for Katniss and Peeta and the A x F was for Anna and Finnick, but who does the " C x C " stand for?
Just curious :)

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